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Visible to the logged in members only
Features Access
Competitions Run all your club competitions through your website.
Competition Entry Logged in members can enter any live club competitions. On image upload, the website checks that the image is the correct size for the competition and uses the image title to automatically rename the uploaded file to be compatible with your competition software.
Competition Management Create your own club competitions. These can be one-off competitions or form part of a league run over the season.
Competition Scoring and League Tables Record the competition scores on the website and the competition league tables will update automatically.
Competition Remote Judging Set up access for external judges to review and score your competition entries directly on the website.
Competition Remote Presentation Access a slideshow competition results presentation on the website that you can share remotely over a Zoom meeting.
Home page featured results Feature the latest competition images on the home page and schedule the time they are available.
Home page featured photo Choose an image from any members gallery and feature it on the home page, or leave the website to select one at random.
Next meeting indicator The next meeting in your programme automatically appears on the home page.
Latest comments View the latest comments from members on the home page, with a link to a latest comments page.
Latest uploads View thumbnail images of the latest uploads by members on the home page, with a link to a latest uploads page.
News / RSS feeds Choose from a list of RSS feeds to add to the home page, or display your club's own news headlines.
Club page management Create your own club pages about rules, constitution, competitions etc. Create 'locked from public' content or 'locked from public' pages. Organise those pages in whatever order you like in the navigation menu.
Programme page management Create your own programme pages for your meetings. Add date and venue details where applicable. Pages will automatically archive.
Members Gallery Members can manage their own gallery of up to 20 images.
Club Galleries Club galleries that all members can upload to. Some clubs use this to share images after a club outing and other clubs set up fun challenges.
Bulletin Board pages Members can add or delete their own bulletin pages on any topic they wish which are viewable by other logged in members only. Members can comment, add files or images to bulletins.
News pages Add public news pages with the option to display the latest headlines on the home page.
Member Account management Members can manage their own login accounts where the can change their password, add a personal selfie, opt in or out of notifications, add photographic distinctions, add camera details, add interests and a link to a personal website if they wish - all locked from public view.
Commenting All logged in members can comment on images, programme pages and bulletin board pages. If the page is public, then the comment will be public.
Showcase Images Members can add Showcase images (that can only be viewed by other club members) and use these to create tutorials or for image critique and feedback.